We know from experience that consumers see a vast difference in how quotations for building work are presented and that this makes it extremely difficult to equitably compare quotes. We prefer to make it easier for prospective clients by providing holistic pricing with sensible budgets, and we avoid the practice of pricing at the lowest denomination and entering into contracts that invariable end up well in excess of the quoted price.

Our approach:

Allowances rather than specified product brands:
We typically quote work applying allowances against many of the items in the fitout, such as joinery, windows and PC (plumbing) items.  We know that other builders prefer to price specifying certain brands and models, and if you don’t know the TRADE price of these items you can not directly compare the quotes.  In regard to allowances, we have an open book policy and are happy to show trade cost invoices – we do not use retail prices for adjustment calculations.


We typically exclude carpets, curtains and landscaping, but also do projects where there are included.  To ensure correct comparison of tenders, you need to check for any exclusion as the cost of these may be far higher than you suspect.

We typically qualify certain items such as the type of soil expected and structural assumptions.  There can be very large cost differences in different qualifications between builders.

We know from customer feedback that our quotations are laid out more clearly than most.  If quote comparison is difficult, we suggest that you provide our allowance and finishes schedules to other builders and request that they match this.  Alternately we are happy to match our pricing to another builders’ specification and inclusions list – we may pick up significant cost items in the more technical qualifications.